Diocese of Eshowe - Caritas

Bishop Xolelo Thaddeus Kumalo has appointed Father Gérard T. Lagleder O.S.B. as Diocesan Caritas Director with effect of 1st January 2009.

Father Gérard had previously been a volunteer and for some time even part time employee of Caritas in Germany.

The charity work of the Church in our Diocese must not be restricted to a few well known and very effective institutions and initiatives, but it should be widely promoted and well organised on a Diocesan level.
The initial plans are to carefully engage in a process to establish groups within and as part of our parishes that engage in charitable work.
A starting point could be training in home based care and the parishioners could then get involved in home based care for HIV/AIDS patients and other people in need of care.
Activities like
Blessed Gérard's Poor-Sick-Fund, Blessed Gérard's Relief Fund and Blessed Gérard's Bursary Fund could follow, organised on a parish and/or diocesan level.
It is envisaged to expand the charity work within the frame work of our parishes and to establish a network of church charity all over the diocese utilising the human resources in the parishes and the resources of expertise and the facilities of the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard as well.

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