Coat of arms of the DIOCESE OF Eshowe



Benedictine Cross:

The missionary activity in the Diocese of Eshowe is attributed to the Benedictine monks who played an enormous role in spreading the gospel in Zululand.


Book of the Gospel:

The proclamation of the redemption preached by Jesus and the Apostles is the central content of Christian revelation.



Eshowe is originally known as Ekhowe, meaning a place of mushrooms.  Four mushrooms represent four deaneries making-up our diocese.


Ukhamba ‘claypot’ comes from mother earth as clay, and gives shape to liquids. It is a fragile container, a reservoir, and a protector of that which is valuable and good for physical and spiritual nourishment. It is a central piece in the rite of social fellowship among the Africans. It relates to the Eucharistic rite where we share, participate/take part and benefit together. So, if we eat and drink of the Lord we practically manifest our unity in the Lord which must be visibly in our lives.  


Ora et labora-is the Benedictine Motto meaning work and pray