Roman Catholic Church

Diocese of Eshowe
South Africa

Diocesan AIDS Committee

On 4 April 2001 Bishop Mansuet Dela Biyase of Eshowe called a meeting of people, who have been interested and involved in the AIDS work of the church.
In this meeting the Diocesan AIDS Committee was constituted and commissioned by the bishop.

It is the aim of the Diocesan AIDS Committee to facilitate AIDS Education, information and care within the Diocese of Eshowe.

The new Bishop of Eshowe Xolelo Thaddeus Kumalo (re-)appointed Father Gérard T. Lagleder O.S.B. on 1 January 2009 as Diocesan HIV/AIDS Coordinator.

Contact details:

P O Box 440 ˇ Mandeni 4490 ˇ Republic of South Africa
Phone +27 82 4924043 ˇ Fax +27 32 4567962 ˇ E-Mail

There are several AIDS related church projects within the Diocese of Eshowe:

Name of Project Location

Blessed Gérard's Care Centre:

Holy Cross AIDS Hospice Emoyeni
The Nardini Sisters at Nkandla run several AIDS related projects Nkandla

World AIDS Day
Schools and Social Work, in: Godfrey Sieber OSB: "Chronicle of the Inkamana Abbey and Zululand Mission" Year 2000
Neues Kinderheim für AIDS-Waisen in Südafrika - Blessed Gérard's Kinderheim
AIDS-Klinik im Zululand - Blessed Gérard's Hospiz
Blessed Gérard's Care Centre & Hospice
Blessed Gérard's Care Centre is a haven for the old, sick and needy where special prayers are remedies
Reaching out to the terminally ill - Blessed Gérard's Care Centre & Hospice
Buy a cyber bear for a sick baby
Blessed Gérard's Care Centre takes care of the sick at no charge
Cyberpriest - Blessed Gérard's Care Centre & Hospice
R3-million care centre for Mandeni - Blessed Gérard's Care Centre & Hospice
Sappi Kraft supports aids programme - Blessed Gérard's AIDS Education programme


"Holy Cross" AIDS - Hospice
Spoornet helps carry the load
Sutherlandia Dot Org - Summary of a Field Trip
seeing being seen
Holy Cross AIDS Hospice

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